Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bye-Bye BOQ

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Navy terminology (I am still learning), BOQ stands for Bachelor Officers Quarters. Sounds fancy, right !?!?! They could just call it a hotel like everyone else. Well after living in a hotel room and eating out every night since mid December ... tonight is our last night! I am so excited to get up to Carpinteria and start "real life". I am excited just to cook again. I have been watching Rachel Ray and stocking up ideas for when everyone comes to visit. So bring your appetite and your flip-flops. We will take care of the rest.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wine & Sun Shine

This weekend Mark and I drove up the coast to enjoy a little wine and sun shine. Our first stop was Solvang. It left a little to be desired (travel tip: if you come to Santa Barbara wine country you can skip Solvang). We then traveled up the beautiful country roads to Los Olivos (where "Sideways" was filmed). On the way we stopped at a couple of lovely wineries. The first was Blackjack where some of the scenes from "Sideways" were filmed. There we tried a wide variety of wines. The best was a dry Bordeaux Blend - Harmonie 2002. We then stopped at one other vineyard, Brander. This was my favorite one becuase I did a whole tasting menu of Sauvigon Blanc. I love Sauvigon Blanc!!!

Then we headed back down the coast to enjoy the beach in Carpinteria. We have decided to live in Carpinteria. It is the greatest little town. It has a prefect beach with beautiful bluffs rolling into it, a great little downtown with shops and restuarants, and the best vibe. After a walk on the beach we went for one last drink (it was Saturday after all). We stopped at the Island Brewing Company and I have a feeling that will not be our last time there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Made It!!

We have arrived in Port Hueneme after much anticipation. I love it! Tomorrow we start looking for a home so I expect all of you will be out to visit me sooner rather than later.

Sunset over Channel Islands

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sayonara San Diego ...

but before we go lets take a look back on what a great time it was.

We only had a weekend in SD (far too short for such a great city) but we did get to see a few things. Point Loma/Cabrillo National Park was a high peninsula with incredible views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. We took a short hike with breath taking views. We also checked out the tide pools. There were a ton of hermit crabs and right before we were going to leave we saw a huge purple octopus hiding under a rock. It was great!

On Sunday afternoon we went Balboa Park. There was an organ concert playing as we walked through the park gardens. We eventually made our way to the International Cottages. The Cottages were having a festival of nations with costumes, food, music, and dancing. Needless to say we had to sample the food from every nation!

Sunday evening was the most beautiful sunset. We were so lucky to be able to walk down the beach and enjoy the evening!

Point Loma

Tide pool @ Point Loma

Sunset North Island

Sand Pipers @ North Island

Welcome to life on the road!

I have finally made it to California after a week long road trip from Newport, RI. It was a great trip with some really memorable stops. We went for a drive through Shenandoah National Park, we listened to live music in Nashville, we went to Graceland in Memphis, we drank margaritas in Santa Fe, and we went on an awesome hike in the Grand Canyon.
Santa Fe

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

Now I am staying in San Diego, CA for the week. San Diego is beautiful and the weather couldn't be nicer. Can't wait to explore SD and get up to Port Hueneme.