Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling Like a Kid Again

I fell off my bike today. Not only did I fall off, but I also have the grass stains on my knees to prove it, which I had the privilege of sporting all day at work. Now most people would say "big deal you fell off your bike..." but it was really the gracefulness of the fall that I got a kick out of.
Everyday, I ride my bike along the road in the designated bike lane which is a fine and easy way to get around town. However, on the way back to work from lunch I happened to be going the wrong direction in the bike lane. Usually it is not that big of a deal because I am the only one in the lane during this hour of the day, except for today. I ride a pink beach cruiser. She is not very fast and she is more for show than for serious biking and around here there are a lot of serious bikers. So I am heading down the bike lane, the wrong way, straight for one of these uber serious bikers. Trying to be nice and give him the right of way, I pulled over into the grassy ditch. That is where I made my fatal mistake. The ditch was bumpy, slippery,and slanted into a gross trench full of green slop. As my wheels started hitting the bumps my feet flew off the pedals. I should remind you that I am on my way back to work so it is not like I am wearing tennis shoes. I am in fact wearing high heals! As my feet were flying off the pedals I gave a little yelp. The ponytailed, spandex wearing, uber biker thought I was exchanging the "I am so excited about life" greeting, so he gave an excited "yahoo". That was when it was all over, the yahoo set me completely off balance and I went tumbling down the ditch right in front of all the windows in my office. Thank goodness it was lunch and no one was back yet. Unfortnately, the 10+ gardeners at my building don't take lunch. I am sure they all had a good laugh.

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Anonymous said...

When I was your age I was riding my bike along the Kamehameha highway when I heard a loud noise behind me and the next thing I new I was crashing into a chain link fence and headed for the concrete. I was literally blown off the road by a pineapple truck!!

Be careful.

Dave R.

Sir William said...

That reminds me of a cubicle incident. LOL I can just picture it!

Kristin and Tim said...

Ha! You are too funny for words. Wish I could've seen it!