Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In honor of summer .....

I thought I would pay tribute to lawn games, hence the new banner.

Ode to lawn games
Throwing a dart is a good start.
Croquet is more than OK.
Horseshoes will kill those winter blues.
Badminton has me smitten.
Volleyball is fun for all.
But if you ask me,
I will guarantee,
the best,
better than all the rest,
is a little game called Bocce.


Kristin and Tim said...

Holy crap! You are so hot in this banner!

Britt said...

Nice Form!

K Ras said...

Wish we were there with you guys! It is STILL snowing here.AHHHHHHHH!
Have a great holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Croquet, but only with Colorado Rules!

Dave Rasmussen