Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Matilija Creek

Mark and I went for a fun hike just outside of Ojai, up Matilija Creek. The hike wound up the canyon crossing the creek about 10 ten times. There were plenty of rocks to pick our way across the creek so our toes didn't get wet. Although we did dip our toes for a little while. The water was heaven. I expected the water to be bone chillingly cold like all the hikes in Montana where the creeks are made of snow melt. It was a pleasant change. The scenery was gorgeous. The water ran over big slabs of rock creating little waterfalls all up and down the canyon. The flowers were also out in force. Lots of purple and orange ones. It was spectacular.

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Michelle Leigh said...

Ummm, do you guys do anything else but travel? Does Mark really have a job out there or are you both just taking to becoming wandering gypsies? Hmmmm, makes me start to wonder!