Monday, May 26, 2008

Are you for SCUBA?

I am!!!! Mark and I had our first SCUBA lessons this weekend. It was great! We took our class at the Anacapa Dive Center in Santa Barbara. They had really great instructors. I thought I was totally going to freakout underwater but I didn't. Everything was fine. It was actually very relaxing you sort of forget that you aren't suppose to be breathing underwater. I passed the final exam so now I get to go diving at the Channel Islands. I can't wait. Check out this video I found of a dive similiar to the one I get to go on. It is like getting to explore a whole new world!
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Michelle Leigh said...

Yeah, I'd probably hyperventilate. That terrifies me. But, good for you. I wish I could do it!

Katie said...


I seem to recall that someone has an anniversary today (June 24)...know anyone like that?

Also, I am disappointed that the Beatles didn't make the Greatest Band vote...remember Hey Jude?