Monday, May 19, 2008

Wholly Boxes Batman!!

All our belongings finally arrived last Thursday. It was great to get all of our stuff but it really made me realize I don't need half of the things I own. I have more paperbacks than anyone I know. There were at least 50 boxes of books. I could just use the library but for some reason I enjoy having the book after I finish it. There are still boxes of clothes in the closet and some of the clothes I am sure I have not worn in years and some still have the tag on them. I know this going to the extreme but freeganism seems like the answer. Perhaps that is going too far but at least I should take a deeper look at my consumer driven attitude.


Michelle Leigh said...

Sounds fun! Did you guys find a place yet? I've already gotten permission from the hubby to come in Sept. I seriously can't wait! September can't come fast enough!

Kristin and Tim said...

Hey dude...please don't become a freegan. They sound like scary hippies. I can't wait to see you! I will take some of those clothes off your hands.

Mark said...

Those people are freegan weird.